*Disclaimer: This post was written in August 2020. It has been sitting in my drafts ever since–I decided to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Here’s my thoughts on “Moving at God’s Speed”.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Bentley’s recovery from the mountains after he went missing in the Jeep accident.

Crazy to think the dude curled up on the couch across from me is the same guy who hunted rock mice at 11,000 feet for 19 days.

These past couple of days, I’ve been feeling simultaneously at peace and massively rushed. Very odd.

I am in such a good place with my energy and my faith–but I also have some really exciting things coming up! Those things are what adds that element of rush. I’m ready to get going!

In reflecting on Bentley’s recovery I am reminded that God’s timing is perfect. It is not my job to rush things or question His timing.

A Divinely Created Weekend

Let me take you back to that weekend in Colorado when Bentley was recovered.

It all started on a Thursday morning. My grandpa had driven out to Kansas to help me with some things and that day we were headed back to Colorado together. A few days ahead, the Jeep was scheduled to be removed from the accident site.

Before leaving town, we stopped to have breakfast at one of my mom’s favorite restaurants. When we stood up to pay, the hostess informed us that a complete stranger had already paid for our meal. My grandpa was moved to tears by this kind gesture from someone who had no idea what heaviness laid in our hearts at this time.

A few hours into the drive I got the call.

The man on the other end was a stranger informing me that he’d responded to a craigslist ad regarding the Bentley search. He had spotted him! Near the accident site, hunting rock mice above the trail.

I could barely speak through my tears. My boy–alive!

I immediately began connecting with the ladies who facilitated Bentley’s search and ultimate recovery–they urged me to go straight to him! That I must hurry in case he moves, etc!

Weeks of energy had been put into finding him, so their sense of urgency made complete sense.

At first, I felt the same wave of emotions–rush, anxiety, concern.

But not for long. Quickly those emotions passed and a sense of peace washed over me.

I knew in that moment I needed to be patient.

I needed to stick to my original plan and wait until Saturday to go to the mountains.

I followed my instincts, I waited, and he came home safely with me as God intended.

Have Faith

That story reminds me to have patience. To have faith in His timing and let go of my attempt to control things.

It’s ironic that so many exciting and slightly stressful changes are occurring in this season of my life at exactly the same time these memories resurface.

I fully believe I am being urged to slow down.

We are all guilty of getting ahead of ourselves. Of rushing things to completion and messing it up along the way.

God, the Universe, whomever you put your faith in–they have designed a divine plan for our lives.

It is our job to accept that path as it is presented.

Sometimes God wants us to jump on opportunities, and others, to sit back and let things pan out the way they were intended.

He is creating a reality we can’t even imagine.

If you feel yourself existing in a chaotic energy or feeling pressure–have faith, move at His speed, and watch amazing things unfold.

All my love.


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