Monday Night Thoughts

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Hey there, stranger Mason asked me the other day if I’ve done anything with my blog in a while… That was honestly the first time I’d thought about it in ages. A realization I hated. Blogging used to be my means of creative expression as an adult. I love writing. I always have. I feel […]


How to Be Your Own Boyfriend in 2020

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Isn’t this exactly the kind of content you expected to see today?! Not exactly? Oh…well this is how we do things around here. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to write this blog post since before the new year. Now, with V-Day in our midst, it feels fitting to finally get on it. If […]


Sam’s Favorite Things – January 2020

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I’m SUPER excited about today’s post! I have been thinking long and hard about products I use in my everyday life that I honestly don’t know what I would do without. I finally narrowed it down to just ten of my very favorite things to share with you. Hopefully you’ll see something new and it […]


Plot Twist: What You Should Let Go Of in 2020

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The other day I was aimlessly scrolling the ‘gram when I got to thinking…we focus so aggressively on what to ADD to our lives each year, ie. vegetables, workout routines, sleep schedules, money, friends, all the things. But while we’re so busy adding to our plates, why don’t we take a moment to look at […]


Self-Care or Self-Enabling?

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In those days where I was deep in my “self-care” routine, it absolutely felt right, as it often does. But eventually I had to ask myself, “Am I really solving the problem or am I enabling myself by using superficial band-aids to avoid being uncomfortable?”

Damn. Even now I feel attacked by my own realization.


“Wait, You’re Moving Where?!”

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Hehe, here I am! One month into my Nashville journey and let me tell ya…so far, so. damn. good. So how in the heck did this happen?? Two months ago this wasn’t a thing and now it’s my entire reality?! Yep. That’s right. Home girl made up her mind, packed her bags, and hit the […]



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Whew. Man. 23 has been a year–and I’m only two months deep! I’m sitting here procrastinating, waiting for my crockpot meal to be done. I just drafted an updated budget and good Lord–my brain hurts. Isn’t it so ugly how fast the tiny little expenses add up? Next thing I know I’m like, “SINCE WHEN […]


Mental Health Day

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We all know the term “mental health day”–you know, it’s that day you take either 1) because you really have a lot on your plate, your brain is smoking, and you just need a moment to gather yourself, or 2) “adulting” just isn’t on the menu for today and no good excuse exists. It’s probably […]



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Hi there! Welcome to The Bad Hair Day Blog, where bad hair days are not only invited, but encouraged. Behind the words is me, Samantha Orr. A twenty-something that recently graduated college, up and moved to Nashville, TN and find myself in the midst of an entirely new (and extremely exciting) adventure. I have two […]

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