Hi there! Welcome to The Bad Hair Day Blog, where bad hair days are not only invited, but encouraged.

Behind the words is me, Samantha Orr. A twenty-something that recently graduated college, up and moved to Nashville, TN and find myself in the midst of an entirely new (and extremely exciting) adventure. I have two fur babies that are my heart and soul–Bentley and Buena, the sweetest, naughtiest, goofiest goldendoodles in all the land. I consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none. I find joy in fresh sheets, clean makeup brushes, the smell of rain, spicy margs, situational humor, bubble baths, the DJ floor at the bar, and the moment when you finally lose cell service in the mountains.

Side Note: “Buena”–pronounced “like “good” in Spanish but with an “a””, as I say relentlessly to people who screw it up. Don’t be one of those people. 🙂

You’ll notice all of my content will have a tinge of humor, a boat load of sarcasm, and some “french” here and there. It’s a vibe. Sorry mom.

This blog has been in the making for an embarrassingly long time. If you dive in today you’ll likely notice one of my very first posts, “The Transition”. My 2017 take on what one needs to do in order to successfully transition from high school to college (currently LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the fact that I thought I could assist anyone with anything college related). If you want to read a little overview of how this all got started, you can check out my “About Me” page. But seriously though, I have dabbled in writing my entire life. One of my favorite classes of all time was Comp 101/102 and you’ll regularly find me pouring my heart out to interwebs via annoyingly long Facebook posts. Outside of educational direction, I created a blog to document my study abroad summer in college. That turned into a bit of a passion project and ultimately birthed The Bad Hair Day Blog back in 2017.

Here we are, in 2019, months away from the end of DECADE. Jesus I’m getting old. Anyways, since 2017 a lot has changed. And I mean, A LOT.

A short list of major changes in my life over the past eighteen months in no particular order:

  1. I graduated college (barely)
  2. I expanded my fur family by 1 (Miss Buena)
  3. I experienced my first adult heart break
  4. I moved to Nashville, TN
  5. My mom died

Sooooo…basically nothing about my life looks anything like it used to–and yowza were there a lot of bad hair days mixed in with those changes. I’ve grown as an individual, a woman, a friend, a partner, and a human in ways I could’ve never imagined. Along with my fair share of ugly and challenging days, so many amazing things have come into my life because of my experiences. Both of which, I can’t wait to share with you here as life continues to unfold. Especially now that life is in NASHVILLE, TN!  (It took everything in my body not to title this post “Hey Ya’ll!” but even now it almost makes me puke, so I won’t.) But really, holy shit I can’t believe I live here.

Hopefully by now you’ve gathered that the term “bad hair day” is more figurative than literal. Don’t get me wrong, basically every single day is a literal bad hair day in my house. But here, in this blog, bad hair days symbolize the days when life just kinda sucks. Those are the days that I want to turn into actionable conversations–because we all have them, and there is no reason we have to feel like we’re going through them alone. Even if it’s things you don’t necessarily relate to directly, it’s amazing what we can learn when we share our lives with others. It is my intention to share my weekly thoughts on a vast array of subjects, all of which add up to the sum of who I am at my core: a screwball mess of beauty, faith, humor, life, grief, travel, and all things puppy. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for checking it out and keeping up to date. Whether its a simple laugh or something more personal, I hope you find content here that speaks to you.

In the mean time, make sure to follow my Insta stories (@heyasammy) to keep up with the hilarious daily shanagins that I call my life.

Thanks for reading and GOD BLESS our bad hair days–how else would we learn to appreciate the good ones?






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