It’s almost that time again! And damn, didn’t we just have Christmas?!

For the romantics out there… if you haven’t made your V-day dinner reservations, consider this your alert to get on it and pray you haven’t already missed your opportunity!

And if you’re struggling to think of what to gift or what to subtly (or not so subtly) let your S.O. you want this year.. here’s some ideas!

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For the man in your life

Vday 2024 For the Boys by Samantha Orr

Jonathan Adler Decanters: These are such a hit! We have the vodka & tequila ones and get compliments all the time. Also, right now JA has 25% off so grab them while they’re discounted!

Montblanc Ballpoint Pen: Ladies, do not underestimate an ink pen for the professional in your life. An absolutely timeless option that they will cherish for years and years to come. They even make for such good heirlooms. Last Christmas I got my dad a Cartier pen and had his full name engraved on it–the unboxing was a ~moment~ in and of itself–but he was blown away. It’s so fun to give sentimental gifts that really surprise the receiver. Anyways, this Montblanc option is a great price-point compared to other luxury options and the brand itself is famous for their writing utensils–you won’t regret this one!

Wüsthof Gourmet Knife Block, Set of 10: THESE KNIVES. We were gifted this set and when I tell you I have never loved a set of knives more… We used to use Cutco knives, which are fabulous also, but these… these put our old ones to shame. And if you’re interested in this but looking for a more affordable way to gift, then check out this set of 2! These are actually the two knives I use almost daily from our set. Perfect to start to build a collection and leaves room for additional gifts down the road!

Garmin Smart Watch: I bough this watch for Mason a few Christmas’s back and he has worn it every single day since! Now, don’t be fooled–Mason is not a gym boi. He doesn’t run, or hike, or like go for long strolls or pump iron every morning in the gym. And he loves this thing all the same! So even if your man isn’t a fitness junky, he may still be the perfect candidate. Mason is a general contractor and loves the watch for it’s features like text message previews, counting his daily steps & flights of stairs, and I think most of all: the ability to control whatever he’s listening to without having to reach for his cell phone. Standing on a ladder but needs to pause the music or podcast to shout to a coworker? Perfect, they can do it right there from their wrist.

The Hatch Alarm Clock: Okay maybe an alarm clock isn’t the most romantic of valentine’s day gifts… but what’s better than a tool that helps your man start his day on a calming and refreshing note as opposed to a BLARING angry iPhone alarm sound?? You control it from an app and can set your evening routine (which offers a selection of noises to play as you fall asleep and throughout the night), morning alarm times and which days of the week you want them on. And the coolest part: this smart alarm actually lights up beautifully! So 30 minutes before the time your alarm is set for it starts to slowly light up–transitioning from very dim to brighter and brighter over that 30 minute window. Once it’s at full brightness and it’s time for your alarm, it plays whatever sound you’ve opted for. None of which are startling or like a bank is being robbed vibes. They’re enough to make sure you wake up, but wayyy less jolting allowing you to start your day in a peaceful mindset. And Mason and I can both attest, usually the light alone will gently wake us before sound ever even plays! It’s a game changer for the morning routine.

Echo Show 10: This thing is SO handy!! Ours is in our kitchen and we both use it every single day. The screen is the perfect size, the sound is great quality, and the “follow me” feature is so helpful! A few ways I use it almost daily is to ask about the weather, see the view from our Ring front door camera, and to add things to our shopping list before I forget! I crack up every single time I hear Mason ask it something. I’m not sure why but hearing my ~big strong independent man~ say “hey Alexa, what’s the weather like today?” just makes me giggle. A more affordable option is the Alexa 8! It’s basically just a smaller version of the 10 and is under $100! Perfect for a bathroom counter or nightstand–or even in the kitchen like ours!

For him under $50

Vday 2024 Under $50 for Him by Samantha Orr

For the girlies

Vday 2024 Under $100 by Samantha Orr

Note: To click on the Dibs makeup brush, you have to “hide controls” on the image. You can do this by clicking on the three little dots on the bottom right side of the graphic, and then select “hide controls”. This will get those suckers out of the way so you can click on the lower items of the graphic. 🙂

Williams Sonoma Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders: These are SO COOL. We have some that have a button on top and they grind on their own while you hold the button… but these bad boys, 1) they’re cheaper than ours !!! 2) All you have to do is tip them upside down, they sense being inverted, and they automatically grind until you turn them back like you’re done using it. No buttons. No manual grinding, just flip! Perfect for the cook in your house or chef bestie. Mind blown.

The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller: Okay if you have some sticker shock here, I totally get it. Here’s an amazon dupe that will totally do the job–just not quite a cute, ya know. 😉 But the ice roller obsession is real. For the girls who love a self-care moment or pour into their morning routine will be so grateful if you treat them to one of these! De-puff bby gworl.

Dibs Duo Makeup Brush: This. brush. The kabuki side of it is just absolute perfection. But what isn’t perfection from Dibs?? It makes blending a dream. So if you or your S.O. is a beauty fein–then they will love this!

Valentine’s day with Prime

Vday 2024 Under $50 for Her by Samantha Orr

For the boujee one

Vday 2024 Luxxx by Samantha Orr

Mackenzie-Childs Wildflower Tea Kettle: I will be adding this to a wishlist. The way that sucker would look on our stovetop?! Obsessed.

David Yurman Box Chain Bracelet: Mason bought me this bracelet for my birthday last year and it has since become my favorite piece of jewelry I own. It’s so simple. So classic. It goes with anything and everything–from the gym to the NYE party. A timelessly classic investment! Now, if you’re into the vibe here but not looking for something with quite that sticker price–might I suggest the DY “Petite X Ring”. Same vibes and just as perfectly classic for your jewelry lover!

For the Gucci Gurlie: Okay first off, the Gucci chain wallet/”key case”. These are perfect for throwing in an ID, 1-2 credit cards, maybe some light cash, and connecting to your car key for purse-free on the go simplicity! Not to mention, farrrrr more affordable than a full blown luxury handbag. I love using these when I just can’t and shan’t be bothered with a cumbersome purse.

Now, when I cannn be bothered with a handbag, I’d be lying if I said Gucci wasn’t my go-to. And this new GG Marmont in velvet?! I would die. It’s so beautiful, so classic, but with a flare! Can’t beat a handbag this will stand the test of time (aka not too trendy), but also has personality to it. If you’re looking to drop some coin and really blow her away, start there. It’s also available in other colorways including bright pink velvet and non-velvet options also. Bear in mind–those will lean more trendy and thus have a longer life.


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