Logic & Grief: The Never Ending Battle

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Unfortunately, that’s not the way grief works I guess.

And I’m sure there’s a psychological answer that would explain the nature of my dreams. But I’m not sure a psych degree is necessary to unweave this web. As far as I can tell, it’s actually quite simple:

I miss my mom and I’m so fucking mad she’s gone.


How God Shows Up in My Life

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The wildest thing happened today. I’m sitting in a public place, having a fabulous morning when I get an unexpected phone call. I answer. And proceed to have a 15-minute conversation that ends with me feeling… bad. To say the least. I’m about to wrap up and leave, struggling to process all the thoughts and […]


A Playlist About Loss

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Have you ever seen memes like this? I relate so hard. Sometimes when I’m sad, I have to take a deep dive into that space and just exist there for a while. I laugh about it, but there’s truly something cathartic about the whole experience. Since my mom’s passing, I have compiled a small playlist […]


Behind the Bentley Video

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It’s been almost a year and a half since my mom’s passing and the Jeep accident. If you’re not familiar with my story, check out the “About” page on the blog for a little background. Since Bentley’s recovery there have been many questions about what happened any why. The whole story is immensely long with […]


Blue Agave

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It’s crazy how something as simple as a smell can take you back in time in an instant. This time last year I was obsessed with a scent from Home Goods called “Blue Agave”. This candle was my holy grail for relaxation. So naturally, I had to buy one for my mom. She too loved […]


Dear Mom

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The day of my mom’s “celebration of life” was the second most painful day of my life. The first being the day she passed, about a month prior to the service. I spent the weeks leading up to the event dragging my feet on every detail–nothing felt right. But how could it? Everything was wrong. […]

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