Garden Planning 2024 – Part 1: Overview

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There’s a lot that goes into building, prepping, growing, and maintaining a home garden. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Anyone can create a beautiful and thriving garden! All it takes is some time and financial investment to make it happen.


Vday 2024 Gift Inspo

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It’s almost that time again! And damn, didn’t we just have Christmas?!

For the romantics out there… if you haven’t made your V-day dinner reservations, consider this your alert to get on it and pray you haven’t already missed your opportunity!

And if you’re struggling to think of what to gift or what to subtly (or not so subtly) let your S.O. you want this year.. here’s some ideas!


Logic & Grief: The Never Ending Battle

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Unfortunately, that’s not the way grief works I guess.

And I’m sure there’s a psychological answer that would explain the nature of my dreams. But I’m not sure a psych degree is necessary to unweave this web. As far as I can tell, it’s actually quite simple:

I miss my mom and I’m so fucking mad she’s gone.


2024 IN’s

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Humans are designed for two things: pain & pleasure. So you can either enjoy easy pleasures on the front end: quick serotonin from TV or Instagram, eating the crap that tastes good in the moment, sleeping instead of accomplishing your to-do’s etc, only to then suffer through the pain on the backside. OR you can push through the pain first and then savor every second of real pleasure on the backend. The kind of lasting pleasure that doesn’t dissipate as quickly as it came. That’s running. Short term pain for lasting pleasure.


2024 Out’s

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I’m learning that by trying to make everyone happy, or trying to ensure I don’t close a door that maybe I’ll want to walk through one day, or not taking a stance on something–I’m actually CHOOSING uncertainty. Then I sit around and wonder, hm, why does my life feel undefined / uncertain / slightly chaotic / lacking guidance? Idk betch maybe it’s because you won’t commit to anything. So let’s all agree to quit lying to ourselves and start trusting ourselves instead in 2024.


Monday Night Thoughts

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Hey there, stranger Mason asked me the other day if I’ve done anything with my blog in a while… That was honestly the first time I’d thought about it in ages. A realization I hated. Blogging used to be my means of creative expression as an adult. I love writing. I always have. I feel […]


Starting to Feeling Like Myself Again

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So back in November 2021 my boyfriend and I moved in together. This was such a huge step for both of us and from the jump it has felt SO natural. Just two besties taking the next step in life together. But like any BIG change, there was some serious adjustment periods. Now that we’re […]


Flip I: Dublin

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I’ve been meaning to share our progress at this house since day one. This house is so special to Mason and I. For starters, it’s right next door to us. Literally. We share a driveway. So, that in and of itself makes this project feel so unique! And quite literally, close to home. One of […]


Seasons of Growth: Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Isn’t it interesting how we don’t realize we’re in a season of growth until we get to the other side? In life we’re often thrown these challenges or sometimes seemingly impassable road blocks. Some of them, we attack head on and realize they were nothing more than a necessary bump in the road and we’re […]


How God Shows Up in My Life

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The wildest thing happened today. I’m sitting in a public place, having a fabulous morning when I get an unexpected phone call. I answer. And proceed to have a 15-minute conversation that ends with me feeling… bad. To say the least. I’m about to wrap up and leave, struggling to process all the thoughts and […]

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