Thoughts on Permission and Chanel

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Refusing to be defeated, I start looking around. Upon gazing at each beautiful item I pass, I also begin to notice that every other person in there is covered in designer… head. to. toe.

And I mean…that’s not a total shock, right?? Yet, for some reason, I was.

I, too, appreciate the finer things this world has to offer. I may spend some serious coin on a Gucci handbag, but you better believe that won’t stop me from talking to anyone, offering kindness, showing the world compassion, and still being a normal human being.


Shopping in Your Own Closet

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How to Shop in Your Own Closet and LOVE what you HAVE! Congratulations! You successfully (or not so successfully) survived Black Friday, Sell Your Soul Sunday, Cyber Monday, Trick Your Husband Tuesday and the rest of the horribly tempting sales days around Thanksgiving. But you’re not in the clear just yet, we all know it’s […]


For Miss New Boujee

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From jewelry to handbags to footwear, here’s the perfect gift guide for all things women’s luxury accessories!


Jeans on Jeans on Jeans

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Ayyee Laddiieeesss! I purchased, wrestled, wiggled, and yanked 23 pairs of jeans on and off my body all for the sake of sharing what brands worked and why! Obviously, each body is going to fit into a pair of jeans in its own unique way–but it seems us curvy girls have an extra difficult time […]

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