Whew. Man. 23 has been a year–and I’m only two months deep!

I’m sitting here procrastinating, waiting for my crockpot meal to be done.

I just drafted an updated budget and good Lord–my brain hurts. Isn’t it so ugly how fast the tiny little expenses add up? Next thing I know I’m like, “SINCE WHEN DID MY SPOTIFY GO FROM $4.99/mo TO $9.99/mo?!” …Every penny counts, ya know?? This move has me really reflecting on my priorities and forcing me to maintain more of a balance in my life than was necessary in Wichita. Honestly though, it feels really good to know where your money is going, when it will go there, and why. I’ve always been a fan of numbers and an even bigger fan of order. There’s something so satisfying about a perfectly balanced budget on a crisp and highly functional spreadsheet. WHEW, don’t get me started.

On another note, today the dogs have been BoNkErS. Straight up driving me insane, raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels, and tempting me to runaway and never come back. As any good dog mom might, I decided a walk was much needed. Side note: it’s raining here today. The dogs are being so crazy that I’d rather walk outside in the rain than be cooped up with their crazy asses for one more minute.

Boy oh boy did this not work out in my favor. For 30 minutes they drug me around left and right, Bentley incessantly stopping at every single mailbox/tree/blade of grass and successfully yanking his sister and I in his direction in the process. Then about half way through he started to chill out (or his fat ass was getting tired), so for about 3 minutes our family outing was quite enjoyable. Then, of course, it was Buena’s turn to run the show. And naturally its right about 5pm, so lines of strangers at four-way stops are watching this shit show I call my life. 🙂

In other words, it’s been a Monday.

Luckily though, last night I was able to FINALLY find the motivation to clean up the master and upstairs living area. These two spaces have really been a challenge for me, there’s just a lot of tiny items that I’m not quite sure where they should live. So instead, things have just been strewn across these rooms for weeks. It feels so good, and I’ll be honest, there’s still more to go, I ended up having to put a good chunk of items in the guest room for now because #stuck. Nevertheless, I knew these areas that I spend a lot of time in and see repeatedly throughout the day have a major impact on my mental state, so it still feels good to have gotten this far. As soon as I woke up this morning I was in awe at my bedroom. It hasn’t looked this good at all–like never–since I’ve moved here.

It felt good to start my day in that kind of space. I was also able to make a successful grocery store run today in which I got two veerrryyyy “fall” meals. I made myself a big batch of taco soup and have fajitas in the crockpot as we speak! So while today has sort of been a whirlwind, we’re definitely on our way to a very good week I’d say. (Look I don’t want to jinx myself, but the dogs are passed out on the ground next to me right now and I’ve never been more relieved in my entire life. Also, I think my food is done but now I’m scared to move. To be continued…)

Thanks for reading and keep embracing those bad hair days.






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