The other day I was aimlessly scrolling the ‘gram when I got to thinking…we focus so aggressively on what to ADD to our lives each year, ie. vegetables, workout routines, sleep schedules, money, friends, all the things. But while we’re so busy adding to our plates, why don’t we take a moment to look at what needs to be removed. Perhaps one of the reasons so many of us find ourselves with overflowing plates is because we excitedly take on new ventures without reassessing the ones already taking up precious “plate” real estate?

5 things that I need to let go of in 2020:

  1. TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. I start here because there are a few relationships in my life that have been in dire need of “letting go” for quite some time. I’ve always been bad at this. Burning bridges is one of my biggest fears. But I’m learning that bridges don’t always have to be burned, instead they can just be rerouted around–only crossing when needed and always in kindness.
  2. FILLERS. You know ’em: Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, etc. YIKES do I have one unhealthy relationship with Netflix. …No joke, I HAVE to watch TV while eating. Seriously. Like it’s an actual addiction at this point and holy shit do I know how awful it is. No wonder my portion sizes are so wonky–I’M NOT ACTUALLY “THERE” WHILE I’M EATING! *(%&#!)(#%&$!*(@)#*$ Let’s take it one step further–emotional eating! Hey, hey! Now I’m launching a full-scale personal attack on myself and honestly I’m here for it. I’m one of those people that turns to food for a lot of things. Sad? Food. Celebrating? Food. Bored? Food. 🙂 You get it. So this year, OUT with the FILLERS, and IN with being PRESENT.
  3. ROMANTICIZING REALITY. I am so bad about this. I find myself day dreaming about my life while I’m living it. Let me explain, I will be in the middle of experiencing something, and instead of being present and enjoying it. I catch myself fantasizing about how my reality could be better, or what *could* happen in this moment rather than enjoying it for what it is. I’m particularly bad about it when I’m by myself and there’s no one there to keep me grounded in reality. How INSANE is that?! Again, here’s to being more present in 2020.
  4. IMPOSTERISM. If you’re not familiar with this concept, check out this TedTalk here. Basically, it’s when you get the feeling that despite anything you do, you’ll always be an imposter–that you’re “faking it” and haven’t rightfully earned your accomplishments. As if they’ve just fallen into your lap by dumb luck. …if that ain’t some shit I deal with on the daily. It doesn’t matter what steps I take, what project I’m on, or how many times other people praise me, I feel like a total fraud who’s accomplished nothing in life. But guess what, NOT IN 2020 BABY. This lil mama is here and owning every damn step I’ve taken to arrive in this season. And to remind myself “steps are steps, sister, no matter what direction.”
  5. DAIRY. Listen, I know this is an odd one. But I consume far too much dairy, and quite frankly, I think a part of me might be slightly lactose intolerant. I’m no doctor, but I do know, my homemade mac n cheese does not sit right and it’s about time I listen up to what my body has been telling me.

Now, I’d be willing to bet there are a handful of things that you’ve known for a while now, need to be let go. Maybe your list looks completely different than mine, that’s perfect! Take some time to really reflect and consider all the different aspects of your life–the physical things around you, thoughts that take up space in your head, people who you spend time with, places you go, things you consume (not just food, ie. content, literature, TV), or old attitudes towards things/people.

For example, maybe you’ve been struggling or just feel sort of “lost”, perhaps 2020 is the year you let go of your stigma against therapy and finally decide to schedule an appointment. Maybe it’s an account you follow on Instagram that really just gets your socks in a bind–2020 can be the year you let them go and finally hit that unfollow button. MAYBE, its the talk you have with yourself each time you get insecure, its the little voice in your head that suggests you might not be as bad ass as you convinced yourself, or that your body isn’t as sexy as other people’s–THIS can be the year you let that bitch go.

As you start to recognize these areas in your life, I recommend physically writing them down. Just like resolutions and goals, we are ~42% more likely to execute things we write down on paper. Mine are right here in this blog post, for myself and the world to see–it’s all about accountability, ya feel?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disowning other forms of resolutions, life-altering goals, or anything else. I’m simply saying to remember that its all about balance, and sometimes for something good to come into your life, you have to let go of the bad.

As always, thanks for being here.



Plot Twist: What You Should Let Go Of in 2020




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