Things have been totally hectic around here over the past few weeks.

With a million moving parts and so much growth happening–I’ve been feeling very “in the thick of it”.

Here’s the thing.

There’s something SO innately beautiful about being in a state of BUILDING.

Whether you’re building a business, a brand, a kitchen, a relationship, a career… it doesn’t matter.

One day you will reach the end of this season of building. It’ll be time to celebrate and reflect back on all the hard work you put in.

THAT is the moment we usually realize the beauty in our burden right now.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You CAN just enjoy the process from the start! You are ALLOWED to have FUN! To evolve, to make mistakes, to pivot, to create, to BUILD.

You write the rule book.

And you can change the rules at any time.

Take pride in these moments, pour your heart into whatever it is you need to share with the world.

And know that this state of building is going to be so worth it.

To hear more thoughts on being in a state of building, check out this quick podcast episode I recorded in the midst of realizing these thoughts. It’s powerful and to the point. Join me below!


Being In a State of Building




Personal Growth




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