I recently completed an exercise created by Gabby Bernstein–in which I drafted a “higher power statement”. It’s amazing, the exercise was amazing, I’m very pleased.

As someone who has (for the most part) always had a sense of faith and a relationship with God–this activity came relatively naturally for me. However, I realize that is not the case for everyone.

In working through my power statement, I felt very called to discuss the relationship with a higher power. Something greater than ourselves. Not everyone will feel a connection to that, and that’s okay!

I invite you to consider what your relationship is to a higher power of your own understanding is.

Key words there: “of your own understanding.”

Whether it’s God, The Universe, Angels, nature, your cat, whatever it is FOR YOU–what does that relationship feel like?

What is a higher power to you?

What does it feel like when you’re connected to that higher power?

These are questions we discuss in a podcast on this subject. If you’re interested in diving a little deeper or hearing the final edit of my own higher power statement, you can listen now:

As always thank you for being here.

I love you.


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