Manifesting Exercise

Journaling Homework:

Practice writting your aspired outcome in the first person and present tense. Write as if the thing you want is ALREADY YOURS. It’s HERE. You get to CELEBRATE. You get RELISH in the feelings it brings you! Write on that now.


Everything is happening for my good and in my favor.

My desires are already mine.

I get to have everything I desire and it gets to come to me easily.

The Practical & Guided Action


Practice being an energetic match for what you want. Refer back to the manifesting exercise to get INTO the energy of what you want. Walk yourself through how you’d be feeling if it was already here. It exists NOW. Hold that energy.

Journal on what needs to change, rearrange, or be eliminated in order for that reality to come to fruition. Get very clear about what specific boundary needs to exist.


Lord, I’m not sure what to say how to say it, please speak through me.

God, angels, universe, please guide me and lead me towards love.

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Set The Tone: Part 3



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