Clearing the Stories

Prayer/Journaling Homework:

If your relationship/job/friendship was emotionally sound, what would it look like?

Lord, what would you have me do to do heal this relationship/career/friendship?

Your IG Responses: “What do you struggle with most when it comes to setting or sticking to boundaries?”

Journaling Homework:

Free-write your thoughts on why you feel you’re a people pleaser, aren’t good at boundaries, etc. What in you feels like other people’s lives are more of a priority than your own? Do you get anything from being a people pleaser, not establishing boundaries, etc? What is at the root of these feelings?

What stories am I still telling myself that limit me to feeling trapped in relationships?

Prayers & Affirmations:

Lord help me know and believe that my happiness is a priority.

Boundaries come freely & easily to me and I confidently uphold them.

I am loved because I am. I am enough because I am.

“No” is a complete sentence.

Set The Tone: Part 2



Thanks for being here!

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