If you’re wondering who’s behind the writing, rest assured–it’s not a creepy 50-year-old man in his mom’s dark basement. It’s just me, Samantha Orr! A twenty-something here to document my thoughts, laughs, and adventures.

This blog was born in concept a little over two years ago and became a reality shortly after. I had just returned from studying abroad, I’d bought my first puppy, and was knee deep in college. I thought I had all the secrets, knew all the things, and had so much to say to the world! It’s funny how only a few years have gone by and yet when I look at the picture of me I used when I first created my “about me” page, I don’t hardly even recognize her. And I especially don’t recognize that tiny Bentley (who is now a 90lb mammoth)!! Here, take a peak at baby Sam:

While I may not look much different on the outside, since then my life has changed drastically. About a year ago I was in an accident that changed my life forever, I’ve pushed through obstacles I didn’t even know existed, added a second puppy to the fur family, graduated college, and most recently, up and moved to Nashville, TN!

Over the past year my life has been a messy mash-up of a 42-year-old’s life and a 22-year-old’s life. So if my math is right, that makes me 32, right? Not really, but sometimes it feels like it. The point is, at this point in my life, I am the queen of what we here call, “bad hair days”. The days that just downright stink sometimes; whether its that baby hair on the left side of your head that just won’t cooperate or crying in the shower cause life can be hard. This is intended to be a safe place to bring those moments and everything in between. How else can we appreciate the good hair days without having gone through the bad ones?

Most importantly, in my experience, BEAUTIFUL lives are messy. And if that’s the cost I have to pay to live fully, well by gosh, where do I sign up? Two months ago I (what some might call “impulsively”) signed a lease in a city I’d never been to before and in a matter of 27 days I uprooted my entire life to start this new adventure. Amidst all of these changes, I’ve been dying to get back to this site right here. Documenting my experiences, my thoughts, and all the fun that lies ahead. It’s been a whirlwind but…

I like my life like I like my hair: a little messy.

It’ll be a little while longer until all the dust settles, but in the mean time I plan to soak up every moment and share it with all of you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–“this genius decided to start a new project in the midst of what might be a quarter life crisis??” Why, yes. Yes, I did. My hope is to bring a little bit of happiness into the lives of readers and a moment of sanity into my own!

Join me in embracing each and every bad hair day!



P.S. In case you find yourself having one of those days, here is my expert advice:

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