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Let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha Orr. I'm a dog momma of two (Bentley & Buena), an Operations Director by day, and a Personal & Professional Mentor by night. Whether it be via email at 8am or in a YouTube video at 6pm, it's my hope to be a source of light in this life.

I grew up in small town America--good ole, Wichita, Kansas. Go Shocks! My family is tight-knit, our morals are grounded, and good food is the key to our hearts. I graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in personal selling. Business has always been an integral part of my life--as both of my parents and many other close relatives are successful entrepreneurs. 

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sex & the city

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Nashville, tn

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Dirty Martini or ranch water

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Eric church

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I've always felt like I was made for something BIG. Something impactful. Something that would really change people's lives for the better.

I never knew how or when or why, but I've always had a feeling I would be a source of love and change for people who needed it.

My mom was born and raised in Colorado. As such, almost all of her immediate family has lived there my entire life. I grew up spending the winters on a snowmobile and summers on a Jeep trail. Family was huge in our house--no matter how many miles away they lived.

One day, we're on our annual family Jeep trip in the beautiful, and very special Buena Vista, Colorado. My mom grew up visiting Chalk Creek as a kid and later we shared many visits to the area as I was growing up.

It was Tuesday, August 7th, 2018. Our annual family Jeep trip had just begun. We started our day like any other, but this day was anything but normal. Even from the start of the morning, things were off. 

We made the drive to one of my mom's all-time favorite jeep trails. And began our summit.

Almost to the end of the trail, mid-conversation with me, my mom lost control of the vehicle. Not much wider than the wheels, she had gotten too close to the edge of the shelf road. To the left of us, on her side of the Jeep, almost a straight shot up the mountain, to the right, a plummet. 

We tipped. We rolled.
And rolled.
And rolled.

I lost my mom that day. And for 19 days, lost my dog Bentley, too.

I've always felt like I was made for something big.



I don't share this story for pity or sympathy. 

I share because it's my     


I share it because THIS is what get's me out of bed every morning. THIS is what keeps me motivated when things get rough. THIS is what pushed me over the edge into ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I am here to help in BIG ways.

I personally believe EVERYTHING. happens for a reason.

The things I have learned since that accident have changed my life in ways I couldn't have ever imagined. I've grown more compassionate, more willing, more creative, and more fucking WHOLE. 

I have figured out how to live through a real-life nightmare and come out standing.

Over and over again, I have taken miserable, painful, and confusing shit and turned it into pure gold.

Because I was right along--I was made to help in big, amazing, life-changing ways. So these days, I step up to the plate, I share my heart, and I bring light wherever I can.

It is my intention to take all the things I've learned and turn them into practical, applicable resources for women like you in their 20s & 30s. Tools to help navigate the growth that determines the direction of your life, and how to fine-tune your mindset towards a place of abundance, happiness, and success.

I offer free resources & inspired content every single day on my social media. I am working on creating an entire library of online courses that are available to anyone who feels called to them. And publish a podcast & blog in order to be accessible anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

I hope that you find something here that brightens your day, fills your toolbox, and supports your dreams. 

Thank you for being here.

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